R6 Esports claims 2nd in ESA Siege Fall

Rainbow Six: Siege

Dec 29, 2020

October 10th, our Rainbow Six Siege Team made their debut on ESA Siege Fall 2020. ESA Siege annouced that the format would change ahead of its new season featuring a conference sistem with conference playoffs and the Regional Final that would crown the Champion. Our European Squad was placed in the eastern conference where we stormed through the competition achieving 1st Place and a way into the Conference Playoffs where we later secured our presence in the Regional Final against Sanik Future Stars. In a decisive Bo5 Series our boys fought until the last map but ended up falling short at the finish line and with that achieving the 2nd Place in ESA Siege EU Fall 2020! 

The Eastern Conference

Our Conference played out perfectly as we finished without dropping a single map going in full force to Conference Playoffs!

Ahead of us in the Semi-final in the Conference Playoffs we had the 4th placed team, Jaegers Academy which we defeated 2-0. In the final we encountered Aqualix Esports in a Bo5 series for a spot in the Regional Final. We overcame Aqualix with style winning the series flawlessly by 3-0!

The Big match arrived December 6th and Sanik Future Stars were the target. The Bo5 series started off with the left foot by conceiding the 1st map since the beggining of the season in a close match on Clubhouse by 5-7, we recover from the 1st map and stormed through Coastline by 7-3. Oregon arrives and in a well disputed map we fall behind in the series losing the last round in overtime. 2-1 at this point and Sanik is one map away to close out the series but we don´t give up, we dominate on Consulate and take the map by 7-2 taking the series to the final map, Villa. We start the 1st side in full force scoring the first 5 rounds flawlessly but at the end we couldn´t close out the map and Sanik was able to comeback and snatch the victory on Villa getting us the 2nd Place and a prize of $150.

Our European Squad was composed by:

  •  Domantas "d0mantas" Prialgauskas (c)
  •  August "THiNG" Thing
  •  Alessandro "Karyuudo" Izzo
  •  Ryan "WiiZek" Poulet
  •  Alexander "Alex" Hahn

The Team Captain, d0mantas, left some words about the season: "Regular phase was a breeze for us, we walked through it with basically no problems, had a couple of tougher maps but ended the regular season 5-0 without dropping a map, our biggest struggle was the issues we had with our roster, juggled between players throughout the regular phase but still finished strong. We went into playoffs with a winning mentality, we tried to not underestimate our enemies and our semi-final match was again, a breeze. The finals was a big upset to us, we really thought we had the match won after being 5-0 up on villa, but we lost the lead and the entire match in the end. Since the season ended we had a lot of conversations about the future of the team and how we want to continue and what we need to change to finally get a win in ESA, and in the end we came to the conclusion that we need to work harder. We picked up "Golden" as a coach, a position that we've really needed in recent times, during the current off-season and are satisfied with the work he's capable of doing and what changes he can bring to the team. As always we want to thank KFTime and FTW for always sticking with us through the worst periods of the team, despite far too many roster changes, and so much problems we have made, FTW continues to stick with us despite all this and that gives us drive. We have to perform better next season, we will perform better."

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