Press Release - ZOTAC CUP and FTW.EU's disqualification


Jun 01, 2018

Taking into account the recent disqualification of our European CS:GO team at the ZOTAC Cup Closed Qualified, For The Win Esports Club sees itself forced to make a public statement regarding the subject.

Most of the CS:GO community has gained knowledge through several media (such as HLTV and Reddit) related to esports, our European CS:GO team was disqualified from the ZOTAC Cup Closed Qualifier along with Prodigy.

This disqualification comes following a statement from one of the tournament’s administrator known as Flakes, or @FlakesTV on Twitter. This was his statement:

Chronologically, we have to analyze the timeline of events that occurred as such:

On May 31st, at 1:51am, a member of Valiance, Impulse, requests to speak with a tournament administrator.

Six minutes after said contact, the aforementioned tournament administrator contacts one of our players, KUL, informing him of the team’s disqualification, as shown in the image below. The public announcement announcing our team’s situation was only made over 5 hours later, at 7:07am, as shown in the first image.

For what our club is concerned, this behavior and attitude are extremely awkward since it only took him six minutes to make a decision about disqualifying our team when contacted by a member of another team that has recently suffered a loss against ours.

It is said in Flakes’ statement that an investigation has been ongoing for some time however what it comes to light is that there was no investigation done about our team, at all. Nor past or present.

Our CS:GO manager Pedro “Bullet” Farinha had promptly requested additional information to Flakes, the tournament administrator who seemed responsible for the case, regarding all reasons and evidence for our team’s disqualification. From what it seems, the admin kept ignoring our staff member and said files only came after an institutional request was made, under For The Win Esports Club’s name. However, what has arrived to our headquarters were not the evidence files but ten whole hours of PoV playbacks of our players where there is no absolute sign of irregular activity.

Another twelve hours go by until we received something that, allegedly was already compiled and set in stone. Clearly, he didn’t and does not have any conclusive evidence for our European team’s disqualification.

In some comments we can still read the obvious: “Read the zotac statement. The only place you’ll see banned for cheating is in that hltv article. Prodigy were banned because of a csgo bug that caused one of their demos to go corrupt and FTW got banned because... well no one really knows.”

Although, FTW and our players never have done it and after watching all ten hours of “evidence” provided while consulting with from pro players and knowledgeable personas in the CS:GO scene, nothing was found against our players.

Taking this into account, we hereby formally request a reason why our team was disqualified from the tournament and solid evidence that can back up the reason why.

Somehow, this video was uploaded to YouTube:

Looking at that video, no one will be able to find anything unusual. All the actions taken were done legitimately and there can’t be seen any cheats being used.

This is a very serious matter to us and we deal with them with the upmost care. Our club’s and player’s images are being damaged here. If our players did cheat, they will come forward with the truth but, so far, no conclusive evidence has been given that it happened and our consciousness is clear.

We are, also, hereby demanding a formal clarification from ZOTAC for our team’s disqualification since no reason comes up for said action. No tournament admin should act so frivolously when the integrity of an esports club and its players is put at risk with no substantial form of evidence whereas to present date none has been presented and for what it seems none will be.

This is not “a resolution everyone can be happy with”, as Flakes said in a Twitter post, and to ensure the tournament’s integrity there is only one of two viable outcomes: (1) The decision is revoked and our players are allowed to proceed their participation in the tournament; (2) solid and valid evidence is shown and the tournament goes on with the decision still in place. If none of these come to terms, there is no other assumption to be made other than the whole tournament was rigged.


FTW has always been known for following tournament rules. In every situation where one of our players and/or teams is found in an irregular situation we are the first to take responsibility, even if it is not the club’s fault. Sure thing is that this whole situation seems pretty shady where the tournament administrator keeps himself in silence and in an uncooperative stance while replying to other people in the competition’s Discord server. The tournament administrator has never presented any form of evidence and has even threatened giving no further information without apparent reason. Also, said admin has acted in an unthinking manner questioning our players and our club with no signs of respect for the competition he represents. So far, FTW has been unjustly disqualified with no evidence being shown from the tournament admin in charge. If evidence had been shown we would have sanctioned our players immediately but that was not the case. No reasons or evidences were given. Nothing. The team itself volunteered to attend the LAN phase to prove their legitimacy which was denied by the TO. Something very weird is going on here since not even a shard of good faith was shown. Someone will have to take full responsibility for the whole situation and we will take this to the ultimate instances if such is needed for the matter to be resolved." - Ramiro "Teodosius" Teodósio, CEO and laywer of For The Win Esports Club


João "Hexxme" Santos
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